Analyzing Open Source development (part 1)

Simple analysis of open source development in public administrations can be done very easily. This post describes the initial steps to understand how to obtain previous post results.

We’ll learn how to use Perceval. It’s the tool responsible for data retrieval in GrimoireLab, the free, open source software framework for software development analytics.

Take some coffee or tee, and let’s start!

Laptop, notebook and coffee

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Analyzing Open Source development in public administrations (part 0)

This is a first post to show a simple analysis of some open source projects from Spanish public administration as an example of government transparency.

It follows a previous post about transparency in government funded software development. I’ve read about the Technology Transfer Centre from Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Function, so I decided to run a similar analysis on its repositories in GitHub.

Centro deTransferencia Tecnológica Git Activity overview
CTT Git Activity overview

I’ve found very interesting patterns. Let’s name a few.

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